my name is Daniela. I am 25 years old.

This blog is about my life with cystic fibrosis. I decided to write
this blog so I can help people understand a little about the disease, especially parents of kids with CF.
Also, to show other CF patients that they are not alone in this fight.
Most of all i want to show everybody that no matter what life is still beautiful, even when you are having a rough time.
I want to inspire people and show them that giving up is not an option.
Being diagnosed with CF does not mean the world is going to end soon.

You can’t choose when or how you die
but you can decide how you live.


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12 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Look forward to your future blog posts!!! I agree that life can still be full of beautiful moments even when you are in seemingly awful circumstances. I think that is because the greatest beauty in life is found in having extraordinary relationships, with romantic partners, family, friends and (at least in my experience) with God. Go to the poorest regions in the world, and you will find that people appear to be just as happy as people in the richest regions. Why? The greatest wealth is not found in possessions, but in relationships. Dani, even with all you go through, you manage to cultivate beautiful relationships. Through that, you find joy in the midst of pain, and tubes, and hospital beds. Not only do you find joy, but you provide joy to all who call you friend! You are truly a treasure of infinite worth, and I am richer for having your friendship!

  2. I also look forward to your future posts Dani. As a parent of a child with CF I understand on some level the hardship and pain one goes through. I also see the strength and courage to pull through and carry on. Some of the strongest people I have met are those with this horrible disease. I wouldn’t have it any other way because without CF in my life I would have never met you and others. I truly hope you will one day receive your new lungs and see many more years ahead. One day a cure will be found and CF will stand for Cure Found. I love you angel.

  3. Paul Almonte Says:

    Mami i love you!



    Hey awesome blog and looking forward for your next blog and looking forward on your comments when you start your recovery i never known anybody with CF so your the first but for certain you will be in my prayers and i know you’ll will get your lung transplant and you will live a wonder full life cause you deserve it like any another person your GOD child and he will look after you ,I’m certain of it. GOd bless Daniiela .Please keep in touch

  5. Elvin Says:

    keep it up!!!

  6. Kanishka Says:

    Looking forward to your future blog .. you are always remember on my prayers.

  7. Dominic Says:

    I’ll be waiting for future posts! love your last line

    “You can’t choose when or how you die
    but you can decide how you live.”

  8. Heyy, I’m glad you’re staying strong and I really really hope you’ll find a cure! Remember, anything is possible if you don’t stop believing.


  9. kenshin Says:

    live is one, but a long and beautiful non the less… shine as bright as you can !!!

    I will pray for you always !!! xoxo

  10. jesus Says:

    hi Daniella:
    I’m 49 years old and I’ve CF.I live in Bilbao (Spain) and at the moment I’m quite good.
    I’ve read your blog and I wish you the best and I hope you get your dream. I have too one blog about CF .
    best regards and good luck .

  11. Estela Abreu Says:

    Hey Daniela!! Puedes contar con todo mi apoyo, en tu lucha contra la fibrosis quistica!!

  12. walext Says:

    hola.. daniel:
    tube leiendo tu blog me alegor que este positiba auque no te conosco sigue asi fuerte luchando espero que te cure de todo corazo
    (te digo pon a DIOS en todo y el sera tu cura confia el el te fe y bera como seba todo es posible confe y creencia que te mejores


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