Hey folks,
I just an email from one of my blog followers. Her name is Heather and she shared her hard, cruel story with me and it really touched me.
8 years ago, she was diagnosed with a deadly cancer that’s caused by asbestos- mesothelioma. She gave birth to her beautiful little daughter Lily.
The doctors told her, that she only had 15 months more to live.
They had to do a life saving surgery, including the removal of her left lung.
Her goal in life is very similar to mine- we wanna educate people about our disease. I decided to help her. Not because there’s anything in for me. But because every cruel disease needs a cure and we need awareness. People should always help each other, no matter if sick or not. Most people live a healthy life and think that the worst things in life are break-ups or when you get fired. Never forget to be grateful for what you have.
After the stroke I had to learn to take nothing for granted. From one day to the next I couldn’t move my arm nor my leg. I was depending on others, I was lost and helpless. I’m so lucky, I recovered mostly. It’s not like before the stroke but also not as it was right afterwards.

Heather has a daughter. She would deserve to live a long happy life, see her daughter grow up. But maybe she’ll never have the chance. Her disease isn’t like mine- cf is in your DNA. It’s nobody’s fault.
But Heather’s struggle was caused my asbestos, which is forbidden in my country for many years, but still allowed in the USA. For what reason so ever. It’s proven and known all over the world, that asbestos makes people sick. I wanna help Heather to raise awareness, and we would be thankful if you would help us to spread the words cystic fibrosis, mesothelioma and organ donation.

Please also check out and share the following link: http://www.mesothelioma.com/heather/awareness/#.U0e5zZIayK0

Thank you all, also in the name of Heather and her daughter Lily