Your life is as bright as you make it… Keep smiling. Never forget that some people feel worse than you and would do anything to be in your situation.

I love and enjoy my life. Of course I feel sad sometimes, when I’m in pain and in the hospital for a long time. But I always appreciate the little things and try to count my blessings instead of complaining.

I have to do lots of therapy and breathing treatment to get the mucus out of the lungs. It takes a  lot of time to do this every day but it is necessary to lengthen my life.

My hubby Luis gives me so much strength and hope. He stays in the hospital with me every minute he can. He helps me so much. His love gives me the power to conquer any pain and sickness.  

I love the ocean and the beach. The salty air is very good for my lungs and makes me breathe easier. When I have my new lungs I wanna go to Miami.

I’m addicted to redbull. It is one of the things that I really NEED when i’m in hospital 🙂

When I’m not in the hospital, Luis and me love to go to museums, to the movies or shopping. He takes me in a wheelchair. My friends and him never let me feel like I am a burden, although sometimes I think I am.

I am very small. My stepson Paul looks like my bodyguard 🙂 I love him so much ❤

When I’m not in the hospital I spend lots of time with my friends. They are always there for me and mean the world to me. I can always count on them.

Music helps me a lot. It cheers me up and it can also calm me down. It helps you to forget the world around you. I can just dream away ❤

I love the nature and I enjoy every minute that I can spend outside. My dream is to travel a lot and to see the world.

Sometimes I need blood transfusions. My “Dracula” hubby finds them very delicious 😉 it helps me a lot that we can have fun together, even when i’m very sick.

This is a machine that pumps air into your lungs when you are too weak to breathe. The picture was taken in march 2012.

I love my family. I have lots of fun with my sister and my brothers. They don’t have CF.


3 Responses to “Pictures”

  1. Luis Almonte Says:

    Hi shorty, the blog is looking great. Want you to know that I’m here for you and that I love you very much. See you soon.


  2. Millie Says:

    Wow!! U r a very example of a person that is not or wanting to let go. U ARE A FIGHTER!!! May God continue blessing u!!!

  3. The pictures help tell the story Dani, and you’ve done so in a beautiful way. Loving the blog, and as always, loving you.

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