February 9, 2014


Everybody thinks I’m so strong. The truth is: I’m not. I complain, I cry, I feel sorry for myself. I just don’t let people notice it or let the self-pity stop me.
Before the stroke I had a Bine marrow infection that gave me so much pain, that I wanted to die. I didn’t see the beautiful things I still had in life. Actually, it wasn’t much. But I had an incredible support system of friends, family and my partner. I had my beautiful apartment with my fishes in the garden, my dance crew, I had a life that I loved. But in that moment I wasn’t able to see that. I saw my pain, my problems and the things I could NOT do.


Then the stroke happened. I don’t remember much. I went to bed, woke up on ICU, a doctor was asking me what they should do, because my brain was swelling which caused lots of pressure. She explained, that I had a stroke and that I’ll be half side paralyzed now. In this moment I didn’t really understand what this would mean for the rest of my life, but I told her, that I rather wanted to die than having my skull opened.

My brain magically stopped swelling. I didn’t die. I was transferred to a stroke unit after 1 week. I noticed, that I was in a way worse situation now. I couldn’t eat myself. I had to wear diapers. I couldn’t even sit with two people holding me. I thought I’d recover in some days.

After some weeks, I was transferred to a rehab clinic. They told me, that I’d never walk again or do anything with my left arm. I started to notice, how horrible life was now. I couldn’t shower myself. Couldn’t get dressed by myself. Couldn’t go to the toilet myself. I couldn’t pick my clothes from the closet myself because I couldn’t stand in front of it. I couldn’t even change position in my bed on my own. It was a nightmare. I started to realize that I won’t have my dance crew anymore, that I’ll never dance ever again. I had to give up my beloved apartment and move to a place, where I still don’t feel home after two years. I lost some persons that I really loved because they couldn’t deal with my new situation. I lost the ability to concentrate for a long time and to think as logically and quickly as before. I felt horrible.

In those times I was very close to giving up. If I’d have been alone in that rehab hospital, I’d have quit. But Luis went to Germany and helped me to get through this. I learned to stand, walk and even to move my arm a little.

Again I overcame what was supposed to be the end of my life. At the moment I’m doing ok, I went to Miami for a vacation with Luis. I am doing exercise to get parts of my fitness back. I found new persons, that care. But most important: I found a meaning in my life.


I know I won’t ever dance again or walk as before. I know I gained too much weight due to the medicine and the time in bed and wheelchair. I’ll never be like before. But I’m alive. I wish I could turn back time, but I just can’t. So I’m sitting here, making the best out of gets I have left. The stroke destroyed me and pushed me at the same time. I can’t say that I love the way it is now. But I’m grateful for my recovery and all the help and support I got.

Right now, I’m not sure, where I wanna go and what I wanna do in life. In Miami, next to the ocean, my lungs were doing so incredibly well, I wish I could move there. I’d need a health care insurance, which seems to be very tricky in the USA. If I stay in Germany, I wanna apply for new lungs again and go back to school. I wanna do something, not just sit at home. I wanna make something out of my life, not waste my time.

If I learned one thing, it’s that time is precious and life is short. Every single thing that makes us smile deserves to be appreciated. I always said I value what I have. But now I know, I never valued the ability to walk to read or think. Those things were normal- even to me.

But things change…
Most probably I have more yesterdays than tomorrows. But now I really value every good minute, every step I take, every second in the sun. I have learned my lesson. It was tough, but I made it. And I think I’m stronger than ever.



One Response to “Thoughts”

  1. ziaboga Says:

    Hola Dani.Me encanta que vuelvas a escribir y verte tan optimista y con una nueva forma de ver la vida.Creo que has pasado momentos muy duros en tu vida que te han puesto a prueba, pero como dices esto te ha enseñado a ver la vida de otra forma y como siempre dices a aprovechar cada minuto del dia y cada cosa que nos hace sonreir.Es un buen ejemplo para todos y una muy buena forma de ver la vida.Tú dices que no eres tan fuerte porque lloras y te quejas.Yo también lloro y me quejo muchas veces.Pero la fortaleza esta en darse cuenta de que la vida merece la pena y superar los obstáculos que nos pone.Tú lo has hecho y por ello me alegro de ser tu amigo y estoy orgulloso de tu valentia y coraje.Besos amiga y como siempre te digo.Te apoyaré siempre:))

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