Happy New Year!!!

January 1, 2014

I haven’t written for such a long time… Had many things going on, in august I had a sepsis and almost died of it, had a big operation that has given me an ugly scar- but hey, I’m still alive. My lung function is on 38% right now, almost 20% better than before the bronchitol. Right now I’m in Miami with Luis. I’m feeling so good, I reduced my pills and I hardly need oxygen during the days, only at night I really need it. I’m enjoying the easier breath so much! It’s so relaxing to be able to breathe and it’s like a dream to just breathe without thinking and without fighting. I’m living my dream. But my doctor is already telling me that my lungs will keep dying and that I need to get on the transplant list as soon as possible to have a chance to Live. He told me that in an email while I’m on vacation, saying I had 2-3 years left. So that’s my new year resolution, to get new lungs. I wanna live. I’ll try to write more often this year. I was just not ready last year. I’m sorry. I had too many things on my mind. I’ll stay in Miami until January 20th, then back to cold, unfriendly Germany 😦 I wish I could stay here. Yesterday I donated my money from Christmas to the cf research, imma do my part to find a cure and get us all out of this mess. I’m feeling very nervous right now. I’m on vacation why did the doctor have to tell me about the 2-3 years life expectancy now? Couldn’t it have waited? Damn. I’m afraid that a transplant could shorten my time on earth cause maybe not everything goes right or maybe I catch an infection. My mind is going 100 miles per hour. Anyways folks, I’m heading to bed now. Happy 2014 everybody!!! I’ve missed you guys! Thanks for all the incredible feedback you people are incredible! Will write more soon, goodnight now!


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