Still alive, just too lazy to write.

December 11, 2012

Hey my readers and friends from all over the world, again I didn’t write for a long time. I was just not in the mood. Since Luis has left I’m alone most of the time and I miss him so much.
Winter has arrived here in Germany, it’s so cold, sometimes it snows but it’s not nice snow like you see it on tv. It’s about to melt and becomes a nasty, horribly and very slippery.

This weather is dangerous for me, everybody has a cold and viruses that I could catch easily. Yesterday I had high fever and I need antibiotic infusions again. The last IV-therapy (that’s what we call it) was only two weeks ago. I hate that I have to go through that again because I always have horrible side effects from it. Since it has become so cold here I can feel my breath getting shorter and harder. It’s really time that I get a transplant. But I’m still paused on the list but on Monday, 17th I have an appointment at the transplant hospital and they’ll decide if they put me back on the active list. They say that from this moment on I would have to wait 3-6 months. I can’t wait to be able to breathe easy and deeply. I don’t even remember how it feels when your lungs get filled with fresh, cold air all over. I hope I can get the lungs very soon so I can take a deep breathe without getting a cough attack right afterwards. Today the team from TV is here. It’s a very new experience and I hope I can convince people to become an organ donor!



3 Responses to “Still alive, just too lazy to write.”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I’m glad you are OK. I have been reading your blog for the past few months and I started to worry when I hadn’t seen a post from you recently. Thak care of yourself, Daniela! I do hope you get good news and get your new lungs very soon!

  2. Mark W Says:

    Glad to hear that you are staying reasonably well hope that you get a positive result on 17th and will be able to enjoy Christmas!
    If you are able to go back on the active, list I will pray you get your call soon:)

  3. ziaboga Says:

    hi dani I know at the moment you’re in a very hard moment .
    you’re not in good mode due to a lot of things.
    Luis isn’t near you and that is very hard.I understand it perfectly
    I guess you’re fed of antibiotics and very tired.
    You need already a new lungs .
    By that I hope on monday docs decide put you back in the active list.
    it’s time you can live a fully life and you stop sufffering.
    I wish with all my heart all that you get it .
    I like you can explain CF and how important is to become an organ donor to Tv
    I hope many people see your i nterview and increase organ donors.
    As you Know Dani , I’ll be supporting you
    and never forget I’m your friend.
    I know you don’t like Christmas but I wish you can enjoy and to spend a good days with your family.
    kisses of your friend and regards of Marga.

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