I’ll never quit

October 29, 2012

It’s 8 in the morning now and I’m already on my way to the therapy. Yesterday we met a couple that found Luis’ lost phone, we invited them to eat and drink something, it was cool. On my way to therapy I can already see snow, but in the village where we live there’s only rain. Last week the weather was cool and we went for a walk almost every day. I enjoyed the fresh air and to see the blocks around the house.



It was beautiful and I was very grateful that I’m still alive even when my life is full of pain and breathing trouble, full of things that I miss, that I can’t do anymore… But I still love my life. I have the best man I could ever imagine, I have my grandparents, my brothers, sister, aunt and uncle, cousins that support me. And there are still things in life that I can enjoy and that I love, even when my life isn’t like before. I’m fighting every day to get a little of my old life back, to recover a little. And I will never stop. Never ever. It was hard during the last months but it needs more to push me down so hard that I won’t get up anymore, I’ll always come back. Right now I’m listening to my music and watching the nature outside and I notice how beautiful this world is, and that I don’t want to leave this world yet. Even that the pain woke me up last night after 4 hours of sleep and didn’t let me fall asleep again. I’m tired and in pain but I’m ready for the next day where I fight to get my life back. The doctors told me, that in the first year after the stroke, my arm and leg won’t improve at all. But look at me now. I can walk a little although its insecure and looks weird but I’m walking. I can’t move my arm yet but I can open my fist and close it again, I can hold things a little. I didn’t give up although the doctors told me there wasn’t a chance for any improvement. But doctors are not almighty. They don’t know me, they don’t know my will. I’ll never give up. I won’t stop till I get my lungs. I’ll never quit.


One Response to “I’ll never quit”

  1. ziaboga Says:

    Hola Dani, veo que te has animado a salir.Eso es muy bueno,notar la brisa y el aire diferente al de la botella de oxígeno.Se te ce muy bien en la foto aunque con frío.Sé que nunca te vas a rendir y me alegro.Luis es un tipo estupendo y se os ve muy enamorados.Tienes una familia y amigos que te animamos a seguir en tu lucha.Poco a poco vas mejorando del stroke y puedes andar algo y abrir y cerrar la mano.Todo lleva su tiempo Dani pero sé que vas a conseguirlo.Tendrás dolores, dormirás poco, pero tienes una energía que mucha gente desconoce y que ellos no tienen.ÁNIMO AMIGA MÍA.YO SIEMPRE TE APOYARÉ.UN BESO Y RECUERDOS DE MI MUJER MARGA.DALE UN ABRAZO DE MI PARTE A LUIS.

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