June 29, 2012



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  1. I just want to tell you that I think you are so brave my 24 year old daughter with CF wont tell me how she feels and you help me understand.. Sending my love, hopes and prayers………
    Stay strong sweet girl.

  2. liz eckersley Says:

    hi just finished your blog which is like a rollercoaster. you must feel like that too. one day goes from bad to good to bad again. i just pray that you get your transplant and thst you can start to get your life back. one thing i dont understand is why you are alone so much of the time. i look forward to some good news in your next blog. take care angel xxxx

  3. Hi,
    My name is Sandra Campos. I´m a double lung transplanted because of CF. I would like to tell you that the transplant didn´t work for me in Portugal and I to go to live in Spain where they make me the duble lung transplant. It was 7 years ago and I have a wonderfull life after the transplant.
    Don´t give up, please!!!

    Try to call to Spain to the Hospital Juan Canalejo and you have talk to COVADONGA and explain your situation. Your doctor has to sent them your medical exames and in Spain they have to see all your medical exames. It will take time but you have to try once more.

    The phone number is 0034.981178013

    Please write to me iff you need more help, ok?

    My e-mail is sandraalvescampos@gmail.com

    My blog is http://transplantes-pulmonares.blogspot.pt/

    Sandra Campos

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