Dani’s Diary: Little update

May 21, 2012


7 Responses to “Dani’s Diary: Little update”

  1. kenjabin Says:

    Dani, you never stop inspiring, never stop fighting, never stop caring, never stop loving, and never stop caring about everyone else. You have such a kind, loving, gentle spirit about you, and you have such an amazing impact on everyone who comes in contact with you, whether by Twitter, by Facebook, your Blog, and I’m sure (and I wish I could say from personal experience) everyone who meets you face to face. I look forward to a day when I can do just that. You are incredible, and I am blessed by you, and blessed to know you. Love you so much Dani ….

  2. agel bagel Says:

    Hi, i follow your twitter page and think you are very inspiring. Your courage and positivity show anything is possible. You are great and i look forward to reading more posts.

  3. ziaboga Says:

    Hola dani: me alegro mucho de tus dias de vacaciones con luis.Como dices en el video es importante la donación de órganos que puede salvar muchas vidas.Veo que sigues con fuerza y luchando, demostrandonos tu coraje y valentía.Deseo que en tu búsqueda de unos pulmones nuevos por hospitales de Alemania, consigas que seas transplantada, y puedas disfrutar de la vida plenamente.Ya sabes que si necesitas algo, estoy contigo para ayudarte, porque soy tu amigo.Un abrazo fuerte

  4. I have an organ donor card. I got it when I got my license. They’re allowed to take ANYTHING they can use, even my eyes, I read.

  5. Just watched your video. Really sorry to hear the news from the hospital about your transplant and hope that you can find some positive news at another hospital. You have amazing strength & so inspiring that you aren’t going to give up and keep fighting & also wanting to let people know about Cf. Lots of hugs Sarah @charlotte_mummy

  6. Dr. Mike Says:

    You are INSPIRATION personified … a Spiritural Giant … LOVE at work! Have a few buckets of love from me, and keep on keepin’ on.
    Your plan is a good one. If you want any help from me, let me know. I am only a few clicks away and my spirit is witih you.
    Dr. Mike

  7. Bianca Says:

    Love this girl! So strong & brave! Xx

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